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Work Injuries

Treat Work Injuries At Our Lancaster Chiropractic Clinic

There seems to be no limit to the ways people can injure themselves or receive injuries from others while on the job. Work injuries can range from long-simmering chronic aches and pains to acute, debilitating accidents. The worst case scenario may be an inability to provide for your family. If you're looking for safe, natural ways to heal quickly and get back to work, you'll find the right treatment at Allied Physical Medicine in Lancaster, CA.

Repetitive Strain Injury and Work Injury Accident Injury

The typical work injury is either a repetitive strain injury or a work injury accident injury. Repetitive strain injuries are the result of constant bending, stooping, or holding a part of the body in an awkward, non-ergonomic position. Common work injuries include:

  • Slip and fall injuries - A slip and fall can cause painful spinal misalignment, joint dislocation, and herniated discs that impinge nerves.
  • Ergonomic injuries - Poor workplace ergonomics can contribute to chronic overuse injuries. Carpal tunnel syndrome from using a keyboard positioned too high or too low is a classic workplace example.
  • Back injuries - Unsafe heavy lifting or other extreme stresses can tear muscles and rupture connective tissues in the back.
  • Neck injuries - Professional drivers can sustain whiplash in vehicular accidents. An even more common workplace issue is "text neck," neck strain caused by drooping the head to view a too-low computer screen (another example of poor workplace ergonomics).
  • Plantar fasciitis - This chronic foot inflammation occurs in workers who have to stand for hours on end, especially if their bodies already suffer from musculoskeletal misalignment.

Allied Physical Medicine Can Help Your Body Work Correctly Again

Leave your work injury to our skilled medical team. We can return displaced joint components to their natural positions through chiropractic adjustment, relieving pain and giving muscles a better chance to heal completely. Cold laser therapy is another method we can employ to speed healing and ease inflammation in soft tissues. Spinal decompression can help you get over the pain and neurological problems associated with herniated discs.

Once you're healthy again, our Lancaster team can help you stay that way. For instance, we can administer preventative spinal screenings to keep your body in balance. We can also recommend certain changes in your office arrangement or work habits to help prevent workplace injuries.

Put Our Chiropractor to Work on Your Work Injury

Our Lancaster chiropractor can help you get over your work injury and get back to earning a living. Put our clinic to work today by calling (661) 945-4441. We look forward to creating your personalized work injury rehabilitation plan!