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Allied Physical Medicine in Lancaster, CA Is the Natural Choice for Neck Pain Treatment

Imagine not being able to turn or tilt your head even the tiniest degree without crippling pain in your neck. If you don’t have to imagine that scenario because it's already all too real for you, then you understand how limiting and distracting neck pain can be. If you're searching for some way to get your everyday life back that doesn't involve undergoing drastic procedures, rest assured that Allied Physical Medicine can offer a variety of natural treatment techniques to combat your neck pain.

woman suffering from neck pain

A Real Pain in the Neck: Neck Problems and Their Causes

One day you feel fine -then sometime later you noticed a "crick" in your neck which slowly gets worse and worse. Neck pain can be quite insidious about sneaking up on you, especially as you age. In many cases, flattening of the cervical vertebral discs has caused strain in the joints that articulate the vertebrae of the neck; these discs may also bulge outward onto nerve roots, pinching them and creating additional discomfort. Changes in the spinal canal or vertebral alignment can also lead to chronic neck pain. Some people experience nagging muscular strain due to their work conditions. If your job has you constantly bending your neck or if you're always looking downward at your mobile device, you may be suffering from posture-related strain.

Of course, you can also suffer severe, immediate neck pain due to an isolated incident. An auto accident, for instance, can send your head bobbing around on your neck like a yo-yo on a string, damaging the tissues and dislocating the vertebrae to create the agonizing issue known as whiplash.

Holistic Treatment Plans to Ease Neck Pain and Improve Function

While surgery can make sense for very severe neck issues, conservative care techniques may be all you need to improve function and relieve pain. Your Lancaster chiropractor at our clinic can provide those techniques, utilizing a combination of chiropractic adjustment and other healing modalities to create a personalized holistic treatment plan. Cervical spinal adjustments can restore the joints and vertebrae in your neck to their correct positional relationships, while non-surgical spinal decompression can treat cervical disc problems. Your neck may also benefit from cold laser therapy, which stimulates tissue regeneration in injuries while also reducing pain and swelling.

Visit Our Allied Physical Medicine Clinic in Lancaster, CA

Are you ready for your neck to resume its former pain-free flexibility? Then call Allied Physical Wellness at 661-945-4441 today to schedule an evaluation with our chiropractor. We can figure out exactly what your neck needs and help!

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